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Best 8 Udemy Alternatives for Online Learning Courses

If you are looking for alternatives to , the education website where anyone can teach or take online courses, here is some of its most popular competition.

If Udemy just isn’t for you, then there are several other online learning portals that you can try. Udemy courses are occasionally free, but often cost a small amount per course you take. There are other options out there, including courses that are always free, or websites where you get unlimited access to thousands of courses for a small yearly or monthly subscription fee.

Online learning (or eLearning) has increased significantly in the past few years, with far more businesses training their employees using online courses, and even universities offering their courses online for free. More and more people learning marketable skills in their own homes, and you can be one of them. But if Udemy is too expensive for you, or doesn’t go into the depth you need, or offer you some form of certification for the work you’ve done, 

Top 8 websites like Udemy for online learning

1. Masterclass

Learn from the top celebrities in your field of interest

  • Features courses taught by celebrities and industry professionals
  • Courses are on very specific topics, so you can learn about whatever interests you
  • Subscription is comparatively cheap to other alternatives

At, you can learn a specific skill by taking one course, taught by a celebrity, industry professional, or someone who has found immense success as a leader in their field. This is like learning from the best, and you’ll certainly enjoy your time spent learning while listening to one of your idols. Simply enroll in the course, and begin learning from the people who inspire you – all while gaining a skill you’ve always wanted.

Cost: $180/year or $90/class

2. Coursera

Udemy’s top competition with courses from real universities

  • Courses come from real universities so they are of the same quality as in-class post-secondary education
  • Certificates are offered if you pay for the courses
  • You have the option to take many courses for free (without recognition) is probably the most popular alternative to Udemy. It has fewer courses than Udemy does, but they are all syndicated from top educational institutions worldwide, and all taught by official university professors. For most courses, you can choose to take them for free, or pay to take them and receive a certificate of achievement. Some of these certificates can even count as credits in academic programs or technical training courses!

Cost: Some courses offered for free, other offered for a varying one-time payment $15-$200.
Yearly subscription offered for specializations.


Coming from LinkedIn, learn real skills to apply to the workplace

  • Courses focus on real, specific skills you can implement in the workplace
  • These courses can help fill in gaps that could be preventing you from getting new (or better) jobs
  • Has a focus on marketing and business courses is another educational website that, like Udemy, you have to pay to use. Powered by LinkedIn, its courses focus mainly on employability skills for today’s digital workplaces, such as computer programming, audio engineering, graphic design, videography, office software proficiency, and meeting/presentation management.

It’s mainly video-based like Udemy, and has a few neat features like the ability to search video transcripts for something specific that you want to learn about, or add specific videos to your own custom playlists. It also has a program that makes it available for a reduced cost through libraries or other educational institutions.

Our course has the lowdown on this Udemy alternative!

Cost: Basic $19.99 | Premium $29

4. Pluralsight

IT-focussed courses for cyber-driver learners

  • Some courses are offered for free so you can test out the sight before you pay for it
  • All courses focus on only IT and computer-related material
  • Courses have clear indications of the skill level required to complete them is the place for you if you’re seeking to learn computer-related skills. For a monthly (or yearly) subscription, you can get unlimited access to all of their materials, resources, and courses, and take as many courses as you want. Because Pluralsight focusses on only one type of material, they aim to bring you the best possible quality of courses related to computers and IT. Courses are offered at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels, so you can choose the skill level you need, and understand the level you’re currently working at as you learn more. If you’re a business, you can also join Pluralsight to help train your employees with the tech-specific skills you want in your workplace.

Cost: Some courses for free | Premium subscription: $29/month or $299/year

5. Udacity

Free courses or enroll in the “Nanodegree”: the future of online learning

  • Nanodegree allows for a steam of online courses that help you achieve an overall goal in one subject area
  • Focuses on technical training and skills
  • Has partnerships with leading institutions and tech companies to offer cutting-edge courses is a rather small Udemy alternative, only offering about 100 free courses or so, but their uniqueness comes from their “Nanodegree” course streams, which can count as technical training program credits. What stands out about Udacity, though, is that its courses are built in partnership leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. You can start with beginning courses that require little knowledge about technology, and then move on to more complex technical applications as you gain confidence. Udacity is also known for it’s unique and cool courses, like their Intro to Self-Driving Cars.

Cost: Some courses offered for free. Nanodegree subscriptions cost $199+/month


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