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Best WordPress Footer Plugins

In the world of website design, trends come and go. If you want to build a professional and functional WordPress site that captures new visitors and delights old ones, focus on the fundamentals. So, let’s discuss a website component that’s here to stay: the footer.

While less appreciated than its sibling element, the header, web page footers have stuck around, and for good reason: They’re the go-to location for key bits of information relevant to your website and your business.

There are no strict requirements for what should go in your footer, but chances are many visitors in need of the above info will scroll straight to the bottom. To give these users a quality experience consistent with the rest of your website, try enhancing your footer with specialized wordpress plugins. Here, we’ve compiled 7 of our favorites to tailor your footer to match your website’s look, feel, and function.

Best Footer Plugins for WordPress

  1. Insert Headers and Footers

If you aim to add custom code to your footer, start with the popular and free Insert Headers and Footers plugin from WPBeginner. This plugin will let you insert Google Analytics code, Facebook pixel code, and custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code to the native WordPress footer section.

Insert Headers and Footers is easy to install, set up, and place code inside, and it works seamlessly with your other plugins and active theme. In fact, you don’t need to edit your theme files at all, and if you decide to switch themes you won’t lose your custom footer code. This presents an advantage over customizing your footer through the theme itself, rather than a plugin.

2 Head, Footer and Post Injections

The Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin is another free and useful tool for adding custom code to the footer section of your site. The process is as simple as installing and activating the plugin, then pasting your desired code into the plugins code field.

With this plugin, you’re not restricted to the footer section — Head, Footer and Post Injections lets you add code to any part of a page or post, including the header, sidebar, or within content. This bonus is helpful if you want to add a display ad or CTA in a more visible location for visitors.

3. Monarch

Monarch is a social sharing plugin for WordPress made by Elegant Themes. Its features help you build and place prompts to share your content on over 20 possible social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

With Monarch, you can place customizable social media sharing buttons and CTAs just about anywhere on your site, including the footer region — use this section to channel more traffic to your social media profiles with simple but effective social media buttons

. All of these buttons are mobile-responsive, which is essential for any social-media-based tool.

Monarch comes with the Divi theme and page builder, which is $89 per year or a one-time payment of $249. If you need more info before flashing any cash, check out our full review of the Monarch plugin.


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Best WordPress Footer Plugins

In the world of website design, trends come and go. If you want to build a professional and functional WordPress site that...

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