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Top 10 WordPress hosting companies

WordPress Hosting Explained

The creation of WordPress began in 2003 as an offshoot of a popular blogging application known as b2. It was further developed as a blogging platform, and it soon overtook its predecessor. More recently, the company has expanded into a full-featured web content system for websites of all types, offering dynamic WordPress options to the masses.

Today, over 68 million websites run on WordPress, and users cite several reasons for the award-winning platform’s popularity. Their software is free and open-source, which allows a multitude of developers to contribute unique themes, widgets, and plug-in modules to customize websites and provide powerful yet easy-to-use administrative tools.

The secrets and secrets of the best hosting companies that you have not heard of!

Choosing the best hosting WordPress web site is one of the most difficult options because it is based on a lot of variables and data, and I will try to summarize as much as possible.
I searched extensively in foreign and Arab websites at a later time..the best WordPress com website for websites. I noticed that many and many websites offer hosting service companies in others… Unfortunately, it is not professional motivation, but pure materials !! -And the? Because most professional hosting companies have very low commissions (depending on whether the brands are, they do not need to pay more market shares for them, they are satisfied with their good reputation in the market and are not looking for fake clients). On the contrary, underprivileged accommodation companies sometimes double their fees. To promote that, of course, it is at the expense of visitors and users, it deserves to be the cheapest hosting and not the best web hosting and having WordPress wp installed on it!

Therefore, we see that many Arab and foreign hosting comparison sites make the best managed wordpress hosting, the BlueHost company or the large-commission HostGator, and delay companies such as A2Hosting, FastComet, SiteGround, InMoition, and these are the best companies at all. … because of their low commission !! Therefore, when choosing an Arabic wordpress hosting service, you should pay attention to the quality of the best wordpress hosting and the type of plan you want to subscribe to.

WordPress Hosting Compatibility

To install and operate it, a host’s servers must meet a few prerequisites. To run the 3.1 version, servers must meet the following software requirements: PHP version 4.3 or later and MySQL version 4.1.2 or later. For 3.2, the requirements are PHP version 5.2.4 or later and MySQL version 5.0.15 or later.

In addition to the above software, experts recommend using either Apache or NGINX Web servers running the optional Apache mod_rewrite module.

The most important criteria for choosing the best WordPress hosting

1- UpTime Servers: the closer to 100% the better. Any server downtime will stop your site, losing your visitors and your ranking on Google
2- Good price with great free service: Some companies reduce accommodation prices and reduce some free features and convert them into payment, so watch out for the trap of my visitor’s hosting company!
3- Support Services Good: Without a doubt, excellent technical integration will solve your future problems.
4- Technical specifications of the “Best Plans for the Hosting” hosting plan: Each hosting company has its own plan, so you have to compare them, in particular: bandwidth or data size (bandwidth), disk storage space (allocated to disk size Hard disk), SSD or hard disk type; RAM speed, unlimited number of online accounts, daily or weekly backups for all your websites, all hosting plans are different, so it is best to choose a web host that meets your needs.
5- A free domain name “Free Domain” com for at least one year.
6 – Transfer your previous sites to your company’s servers for free “Free Transfers Your Website”: they provide great security and ensure that your site is not exposed to danger when moving from server to server.
7- Servers In The World: If most of your visitors come from America: Make sure that the server location and data center is available in the United States. If most of your visitors are in the Arab world, it is better that you choose the server location in Europe.
8- types of hosting “Types Hosting”: There is free hosting, shared, cloud, VPS, and your own server
9- Upgrade to “Update Your Plan”: Check if your host can update or downgrade your hosting plan as needed.
10-An easy control panel and an attractive interface, “Control Panel”: like cPanel.
11- “Reviews User” comments and opinions: It is important to know if this company is the best company or we should look at the opinion of the experimenters in front of you.
12- The renewal price for the plan “Renew Prices”: When your subscription ends, the company will increase the price of your subscription, or keep it as it is. Therefore, the first discount will be for you to eat the taste of your ignorance.
13- The number of sites allowed to you: the more number, the better, especially for strong plans.
14- Money-back guarantee: You can subscribe to a company or plan that you find wrong and want to exclude it. The longer the payback period, the better.

Top 10 WordPress companies have been checked for quality :


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